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COMPASS is a group for men searching for freedom from the bondage of pornography and sexual immorality

Charting a path forward.

There are eight points of the COMPASS (eight steps) that help guide us towards recovery. Each point represents an aspect of mature Christian living which must be consciously pursued and developed.

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We currently host meetings in Illinois at the following locations:

WHEATON          GLEN ELLYN          LEMONT          GENEVA


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Illusion of Strength

The twin towers in New York –known as the World Trade Center – once evoked an image of the seemingly invincible power of America.  Though those towers survived a 1975 fire and 1993 bombing, they were totally destroyed in the devastating attacks of September 11, 2001 –...

Press ON! Progress, Not Perfection.

In the Oscar-winning movie Chariots of Fire, a thrilling scene captured Eric Liddell rebounding from a devastating fall.  The slow motion camera zeroed in on Liddell’s collision with a competitor and his sprawl to the side of the track.  In the scene, his head turns...

Why Confess?

Clearly, the Bible has taught that confessing our sins is essential to finding forgiveness and peace in our lives. But confession is an act we find extremely difficult to do, our emotions fearing it and fighting it. Specific and honest confession of the truth though,...

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Have Questions?

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