Charting a Path Forward
Points of the COMPASS

At COMPASS, we speak of maintaining our sexual purity as “sexual sobriety”. Any behavior or sexual activity that leads to a sexual experience with our self, or anyone other than our wife is a loss of our sexual sobriety. We refer to the eight core principals of our efforts in this area of life as the Points of the COMPASS. Each Point represents an aspect of mature Christian living which must be consciously pursued and developed.


He is our “true north”, our creator, redeemer, and savior from the behavior that would destroy us. He sees everything we think and do, knows us intimately and loves us in spite of our sin. He offers forgiveness to be received by faith and calls us to live new lives.


We are powerless over our sin; we need Christ to redeem us from our enslavement and his power to set us free to live as he called us through a spiritual transformation of the heart.


Specific and honest confession of the truth about us is the starting point of a true turnaround in our lives. Confession must be sincere, complete, and humble. Confession should be made to someone we trust, and eventually to all we have wronged, if possible.


Only by humbling ourselves and surrendering to Christ, by faith believing that he has died for us can we find forgiveness, gain a new identity as children of God, receive a new “heart”, and find strength in him to overcome our destructive behavior, day-by-day, hour-by-hour.


We must take responsibility for our actions, and completely turn from them as best we are able. With God’s help, and the encouragement of our brothers, we can achieve progressively greater victory.


We must courageously consider all whom we have wronged, and make amends to those we have harmed, seeking restoration of the relationship, unless doing so would result in greater harm.


It is only in the context of safe, voluntary, and honest fellowship with other Christian men that we find the accountability and encouragement to live out the new life Christ calls and equips us to live.


As we gain freedom from our sin, we have a desire to share this good news of forgiveness, redemption and restoration with others, and help them find Christ’s way to freedom and a new life also.

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